This Method is founded by the Egypt queen Nefertitit. She applied special dense mixture to her body and after this hairs removed with the substance.
In modern technology this method is used by the help of paraffin and called Bio Epilation ( from Eng. wax- воск) or Depilation wıth paraffin.
We use two kinds of paraffin: Hard paraffin (hot) and soft paraffin (warm).
Content of the mixture consists of rubber, oil, lemon drops and some oil products. Hot substance is applied ın 38-41C to the body. During the procedure your body is going warmer, pores opening and hairs are removed with paraffin from body. For the sake of rubber inside the paraffin, the substance can be easly used to the ‘’diffucult’’ parts of the body, such as armpit and bikini.
The content of soft paraffin is – pine resin and softening ingredients. Paraffin which is left on the body after the procedure, should be cleaned by the help of special softening oil.