Lamination of hair – a special coating the surface of the hair, whereby the hair got thicken become smooth and shiny.
The procedure of lamination hair

Hair smeared with a special composition INWORKS clear line of professional hair cosmetics Paul Mitchell (USA), which includes wheat proteins, soy and unique formula of biologically active substances. Every hair is enveloped by brilliant film, becomes thicker, get healthy and vibrant appearance brilliance. This procedure is effective as itself, and in addition to the pre-treatment and dyeing hair. When applied to the hair after dyeing lamination significantly “extended” life of hair color. The color will be much longer stay juicy as laminating will first be washed off and then the color.

Lamination of hair can be colored:
There are 11 colors, with which you can vary the color and saturation of colors (from the richer to the pastel). Resistance longs to 3 weeks. Saturated shades can be obtained on light levels. The dye can be used in natural light, lighting and the previously highlighted hair. Colored Hair lamination has properties, and also increases the total amount of hair on 10%.