It contains soy protein, which replenishes the hair amino acids, gives strength, shine, improves the structure of hair and makes the hair more elastic and UV-absorbers that keep their color and protect against damage caused by the environment. Conditioning properties contained in the PM-Shines herbal ingredients help to restore the cuticle and cortex of the hair.

* Gentle formula, together with an extraordinary conditioning agent derived from plant extracts penetrate the hair and helps repair the damage and enhances shine.

* Intensive Moisturizing Complex penetrates deep into the hair, is saturated with moisture.

* Due to the absence of ammonia does not damage the structure, making the hair surface more smooth and healthy.

All shades are understandable and attractive name: the ice mocha, latte, marmalade, Chocoholic, sandy beach, amber, chocolate cherry, pink champagne, titanium, maple syrup, amethyst, gold dust, etc. Our specialists will help you choose the most suitable for you shade tinting.