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Wrinkles disheartening for many women. It’s- the first sign of old age. A person shall not close it with clothes, it is always in sight. Wrinkles may not hide behind a strong makeup- under a layer of powder, they will manifest themselves even more. Modern cosmetology offers to deal with this problem through a series of anti-aging treatments. The most famous – Cosmetic Procedure is Botox. “BEAUTTECH” Experts also recommend the use of Botox in the fight against the major signs of aging – wrinkles!

From the history of Botox
History of Botox has 3 decades. Botox was first used in 1980 in the US in patients with strabismus to eliminate muscle spasm. Later active drug used in neurology. Then that was first noticed the unique effect of Botox: Botox injections were given “spillover” effect- the patients completely disappeared wrinkles around the eyes and lips (lip Botox), and in the forehead. In the late ’90s cosmetology Botox has been incredibly popular!

Use of the drug Botox
Botox and Dysport are used for the face. Here are the main types of wrinkles, to combat which makes Botox cosmetology:


  • Vertical (located between the eyebrows);
  • horizontal (arise from the middle of the forehead frown habit);
  • «crow’s feet” (fine wrinkles around the eyes – is at all!)!
  • Vertical wrinkles on the upper lip, nasolabial folds (requires botox lips).


In dealing with all these issues will help to Botox and Dysport. The substance botulinum toxin paralyzes the muscles locally, forcing them to relax. Skin becomes smoother fades negative facial expressions (frown, surprise, anger).


How does botox work?
Botox “works” quickly, efficiently, a lot! Decipher. Botox Injections take effect on the second day. During the 2 – 4 weeks the effect becomes stronger and stronger. Stores the result in an average of 4-6 months, depending on the rate of destruction of the substance is metabolized systems of the patient. Repeated injections can achieve a longer effect – up to 6-9 months. Thanks to one prick you can forget about your problem areas. The most important thing here is the professional cosmetologists, performing the procedure. In the beauty salon “BEAUTTECH” work only first-class, experienced professionals who know about the use of Botox absolutely everything.


Safety of the drug Botox
Botox is safe. In neurology and cosmetology used very low concentrations of this substance. So low that, when administered to it can only act on the muscles those are penetrated. There are more than 20 years of experience in the use of Botox, conducted 230 clinical trials, including the US and UK. Botox will make you more attractive, and your life – brighter and more interesting! Just imagine how many compliments you will hear from relatives and friends. How many admiring glances will be fixed on you each day! They say the youth – is the drawback that quickly passes. Not today. Botox – a way to get her back and save. drawback that quickly passes. Not today. Botox – a way to get her back and save.