It is the best procedure which is found out for the application of natural curl hair, curly hair, highlighted hair dry hair, colored, frizzy hair and generally for all types of hair which lost its power and healthy.

It makes hair straight and richen with keratin. The procedure lasts approximately 2-3 hours. And the hair keeps straight almost 3-6 month. Having neither of any chemical content, this procedure makes hair bright and strong.

If you have dry and curly hair, keratin straightening is the best solution for your hair. During this procedure keratin molecules enter to the structure of the hair and treats them, protects from the air and damaging substances coming from the enivorment.

Having difference from chemical straightening, Brazilian hair straightening have not any damage for the hair. And this means that, you can easly change your hair style every day,- you can admire everybody today with straight hair, tomorrow with smart curly hair. By the help of keratin straightening, styling your hair will not take too long time any more. You will have adorble hair spending minmum energy and maximum in 5-10 minutes.