In cosmetology chemical piling is used for the different kinds of skin problems.Piling is the peeling of certain layers of epidermis. AHA acids (glycol, milk, grape etc.) are used for chemical piling in our beauty and care center. Skin will be damaged because of the effect of acids, it activates regeneration function of the skin, and in the result the synthesis of collagen, elastin fibers and hyaluron increases, new cels are forming and etc.This procedure is also used for the smoothing of wrinkles, eliminating of scars, pigment spots and treatment of extensived pores.

The procedure is done as a course, 30.70% mixture of the acid is gradually used, in order to eliminate the sensitivity of the skin to the acid the patient is given 7-12% mixture of acid 7-10 days before the treatment.The effect of the piling depends on the exposure period (period of keeping acid on face) of the acid. Depending on the type and sensitivity of the skin the procedure takes 3-10 minutes. Acid is being cleaned from the skin by the help of special neytralizator.

One of the most effective pilings is mindal piling. According to their size mindal acid has bigger molecules than glycol, and that is why enters to the skin more slowly and makes less irritation effect. For this it can be used to the sensetive skins. And also the procedure weakens the photosensitivity (sensitive to the sun) and melanogenez (forming pigments), so the procedure can be used in sunny summer days. Mostly 30% mixture of the acid is used.