How to choose your own color or choose any color of hair dye? This is perhaps the most difficult issue that overcomes the girls deciding to transform the appearance of your own using the correct hair color. Skin tone, eye color and face shape – is the most important factors that will certainly be taken into account.Change the color of the hair very quickly and safely with colors Paul Mitchell System. Masters of our salon stylists perform any coloring, highlighting and coloring hair at a high professional level.

PAUL MITCHELL the COLOR with ChromaLuxe technology – an innovative cream hair dye next generation. It contains low amounts of ammonia and can be used as a permanent, demi-permanent and semi-permanent dye.

Paint the COLOR has a base of beeswax and other care giver components, has a pleasant aroma of eucalyptus. With the help of advanced active substances included in the ChromaLuxe technology, it managed to create a unique system penetration of pigment in the cortex, thereby providing a stable hair coloring. Hair becomes healthy and well-groomed. Due to the unique formula of the dye is achieved incomparable brilliance, sensational brightness of all shades of color series and deep rich hair color.

Advantages of hair coloring THE COLOR:

A new revolutionary technology of pigmentation
Live and expressive colors (67 shades completely cover the entire spectrum)
Gentle treatment of the hair, thanks to the cream with plant extracts based on beeswax
Unusual brilliance and color fastness
Intensive toning and 100% gray coverage
Low ammonia content (only 1.5%)
No staining of the skin and delicate scent of eucalyptus
Series super lightning shades Highlift maximizes gentle lightening
Red shades – it is a revolution of red. The True Reds are not laid brown pigment, which significantly extends the intensity of the hue. The red color is a more deep, rich and alive.
Cream is absorbed evenly from the roots to the ends of the hair through the use of beeswax as a means for the care and transport of dye.