Contour can rightly be considered the pride of modern cosmetology, which gave us this unique system of procedures. When using contouring quickly and painlessly disappear wrinkles, folds in the skin, there is a lifting of the skin. And all of these magical transformations do not require any surgery. On the other hand, facial contouring removes even the problems of the skin (the nasolabial folds, the mesh around the eyes), which used to be almost impossible to remove even with the help of plastic surgery.
Contour – a specifically designed introduction of hyaluronic acid under the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a natural, “native” component of the skin, making the skin supple and hydrated. Therefore, administered under the skin, the hyaluronic acid is non-allergenic and any complications. The rejuvenating effect occurs immediately after the injection of hyaluronic acid. And the procedure itself takes less than 30 minutes.

To rejuvenate the skin Estheticians developed specific medications based on hyaluronic acid. Restore the natural beauty of the skin with the help of contouring quickly and painlessly. The most amazing thing is that the stunning results you will see the injection immediately after the procedure. The question you select the desired product – leave beautician. In our salon has a professional cosmetologist who individually selects a particular drug, considering the type of your skin, its condition, the desired injection volume. Injections are performed micro needles, which are introduced into the skin without leaving any traces. By the time contouring procedure takes about 30 minutes. Formed after the procedure, swelling disappears fairly quickly, and rejuvenating effect occurs immediately after the procedure, the metabolic processes in the skin are improved. The effect of the procedure lasts to 12 months. If desired, the patient’s treatment may be repeated. Traces of injections (slight redness where injected drug) are within one or two days, and the results – a healthy, elastic and beautiful skin – visible the next day after the procedure, planimetric and volumetric plastics.