Hardware cosmetology is a procedure which  focuses on a variety of physical factors and eliminates different kinds of problems on your face and body by the help of physiotherapy. Most of them gather especially in multifunctional machine cosmetology.  At the same time machine cosmetology allows to carry out a number of cosmetic procedures: appling steam to the face skin and peeling of face skin with machine, electromyostimulation and microcurrent for the lifting of face and body muscles, vacuum cleaning, galvanization, darsonvalization, fonoforez, limfodrenaj and others.

Most of the facial cosmetology procedures (mask, scrub, brossaj) begin with giving steam to the face with a special steam machine.  There is a special steam giving device inside the current machine which blows for 15-20 minutes. Steaming of face improves circulation, expands pores and stimulates the secretion of the sebaceous and sweat glands.

Mechanical peeling of face at the same time a kind of machine technology – Brushing – removing keratinized epidermal cells with the help of special natural brushes.  At the same time there is a procedure called vacuum therapy in machine cosmetology. The procedure improves blood and lymphatic circulation, increases muscle tone and creates favorable conditions for trophy tissue.

Modern vacuum machine technology has a number of functions.  Cleaning of face with vacuum helps to remove black points, comedo and dead skin cells from face. Vacuum massage – improves blood circulation and improves muscle tone, helps to renew the skin.

Limfodrenaj – effects to the soft tissues which provides lymph flow by the help of lymph vessels. This procedure causes to decrease the total mass of the body, helps to avoid obesity and cellulite.

Darsonvalization – is a kind of machine cosmetology which has implus shifting currents with high frequency and voltage.

Darsonvalization is injected under the skin softly, irritates the skin in the area of electrodes, speeds up blood circulation, metobolism and applied by the help of mushroom-shaped cacuum electrode.