Every woman would want to have beautiful, healthy hair and perfect hairstyle.But, unfortunately, permanent placement, color of hair and changes in temperature spoil our hair. The procedure of hair extension allows realize your dreams of a perfect hairstyle!
In our salon hairdresser employs highly trained craftsmen who will pick up for you the most suitable color and texture of hair stackable, taking into account all your wishes.

WE USE hair extension with Italian technology EURO So.Cap.
Italian Hair Technology EURO SO.CAP. – This is the safest method of hair extensions. The method is fairly new, it has spread recently – in 2003. With this method, hair extensions are used ready-made strands of hair, which are secured on top with the help of keratin. This lock is applied to the root of the hair, using special forceps warmed Keratin strand and is connected with your own hair. Then additionally fixes mounting location by means of special tweezers.
Hair Italian technology most inconspicuous, since the capsule takes hair color and becomes completely invisible, on the site of attachment there is only a small strand of hair thickening. As a method of building the most secure, because the capsules are made of pure keratin, which are part of natural human hair.

The procedure itself takes 3-4 hours capacity during this time are increasing around 100-125 strands. Only the European strands of very good quality, they have been further processed and will not change its color under any circumstances. Capsules that are attached hair, very strong. They kept the perm, hair coloring, swimming in the sea, and the sauna.

You can increase your hair different colors – choose your natural color, or create an effect of coloring. The average term of socks strands – 3-5 months depending on the original length of your hair. Then the capsules are soaked special liquid and locks safely removed.