Haircut hot scissors – one of the newest and most popular treatments at the beauty salon. But most importantly, hot scissors haircut is a treatment modality. The effect after the haircut hot scissors noticeable after the first procedure – hair long flogged. Haircut hot scissors solders cut each hair, and thus moisture and valuable substances – amino acids, proteins, vitamins – remain inside the hair shaft, strengthening it by activating the self-regeneration of hair, and protecting against external factors about two months.

As a result of shearing hot scissors hair is shiny, strong, flexible, and allow better preserve the shape of the new hairstyle. The therapeutic effect of hot scissors haircut is reached after 2 – 3 procedures, guaranteeing complete freedom from the problem of split and split ends. After 4 – 5 cuts such “hot scissors” hair volume increase 2 times, as a result of this treatment, the hair becomes uniform in thickness from root to tip due to increased internal pressure. If you regularly use the hot scissors hair stopped falling out, becoming stronger and thicker.

Haircut hot scissors use for the prevention of cross-section ends of hair and helps weakened long hair that most suffer from brittle, split ends. Short hair after a haircut hot scissors fit perfectly, keeping the amount of hair, and the regular use of haircuts hot scissors accelerates the growth of hair. Haircut hot scissors and useful for the treatment of damaged hair ends immediately after coloring or perm – is to receive medical treatment the hair, removing the dried paint chemistry and tips.

Regular grooming also updates the ends of her hair, but leaves open the slice of hair splitting flakes and exposing all of its internal structures that begin to experience intense impact of the external environment – chemicals, gases, salts and other components in the air, water, and have a negative impact on their appearance. Hair loose natural shine and elasticity and become brittle and dull.

Haircut hot scissors made modern models “hot scissors” with hot blades. They look like normal, but the metal is hidden under the plastic. In operation, the temperature is constantly maintained at the desired level, which is chosen depending on the type of hair. If the hair is depleted multiple colorations, or simply curling thin naturally, the temperature may be lower, whereas thick or curly hair is heated apparatus stronger.

Hot scissors in the hands of skilled masters of our salon allow you to make any modern hairstyles, both on dry and on wet hair, not melted or gluing hair. Several procedures, in addition to a stylish hairstyle will give tips and more dense hair that do not split, grow better, have more volume and content, does not dry out and retain a natural, vibrant glow.