Mesotherapy is the introduction of micro dose subcutaneous drug cocktail made with mandatory supervision of a doctor-cosmetologist or a doctor- triholog of Beauty Center “Beauttech” and assigned individually to treat the scalp, prevent hair loss, to eliminate facial wrinkles, stimulate weight loss and fight for cellulite. Advantage compared with other injections or taking the drug inside it is a direct impact on the problem area, creating a directional effect. The average duration of the course 7 – 10sessions, followed by a maintenance therapy. Lasting effect, the almost complete absence of contraindications and age restrictions put mesotherapy in a row one of the most effective cosmetic procedures broad spectrum.


wrinkles of face, neck, chest;

reduction in the tone of the skin of the face and body;

microcirculation disturbance (bad complexion);

treatment of atrophic scars and stretch marks;

skin atony and hypotonia;

bad skin relief;

oily seborrhea (face, chest, back) is genetically determined and classical;

acne in non-acute;

prevention and treatment of hair loss;




scars (except keloid) and atrophy;