There are different methods in modern cosmetology to improve relief of face and remove wrinkles, scars and expansioned pores. One of theese methods is dermabrasion of face. Aluminum – oxide crystals are used during the prosedure. These crystals mechanically influnce to the face. The prosses is going on a high temperature and the broken elements from the face are absorbeded with vacum.
The procedure is non-invasive, and almost painless. There is not any influence to the integrity of the face. After the procedur finishs, calming mask is appling to the face. The procedure is not advised in the case of inflammatory diseases of the skin,herpes, keloid scars, kuperoz. Dermabrasion of face is performed by the help of German Vita Peel machinery in our center.

The procedure is being used to remove the following problems:
* Acne, posacne expansions,pores and spots
* Pigment spots
* Different kinds of scars – burn, acne and scars after injury
* Scars with light and medium depth

Results after the procedure:
* Lifting of the skin and stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibers
* Imroving tone, color and structure of the skin
* Smoothing of scars and wrinkles
* Accumulation of pores and cleaning of skin

The procedure is performed as a course, 4-7 times, 1 time in a week,It causes clusting after 2-3 days of the procedure.