Ultrasonic peeling has a number of advantages from other peelings (mechanic, chemical, vacum) at the time this procedure helps to restore and rejuvenate the skin of the face. The procedure does not have any bad influences to the skin, so the first layer of the epidermis absolutly is not damaging.
During the procedure a bit massage will be applied to the face. Besides this, after the procedure, immunity and circulatory of the face is improving, increases metabolism and activates the skin’s self-renewal function. And at the time the procedure helps activating of oxidation-reduction processes, as well as the formation of elastin and collagen.
Having difference from other peelings, ultrasonic peeling does not have any damage to the first layer of epidermis just eliminates unnecessary cells. Ultrasonic peeling is used for the cleaning of face and improves natural moisturize of skin. After the gentle comprehensive use of ultrasonic peeling, first layer of epidermis is restored and the skin becomes soft and fresh. Because of the smoothing of mimic and facial wrinkles, the skin becomes younger. One of the main points of ultrasonic peeling is – you will easly see the effect of cosmetic methods after the procedure even used at home.
Ultrasonic peeling is used to oily and combination skin types for treatment of acne, excessive sweating, problems of complexion, enlarged pores, oily skin with different kinds of problems, hyperpigmentation, dermatitis, keratosis, atonica skin, cosmetic problems in early years, spots associated with aging, eliminating photo-aging and prophylaxis of aged skin.
Such kind of peeling has a big difference from other mehods. This peeling is appling without the usage of steam, so it shortens duration of the procedure ( lasts about 15-20 minutes, other peelings last about 45-60 minutes). First of all, skin is moisturized with a mixture having mineral water and special peeling substances content, and then the metal board conducting ultrasound waves is put on the face. Of course, it would be better to use such kind of procedure once a month. This procedure is the simple method of removing black points with physical power, metal tool active with ultrasonic waves is used for removing black points, infection and blotches. The procedure is absolutly painless and after the apply you will not see any greens or redness on your skin.

Mostly, ultrafonoforez is applied during the ultrasonic peeling. This procedure consists of appling of care giving substances to the skin, micro massage and lymphatic drainage. Ultrafonofores can be used for every kind of skin in every age. This procedure increases the tonus of muscles, fonofores applies norushing substances to the skin. Rejuvenation effect of the procedure is the result of improvment of the first layer of epidermis and oxygen saturation of facial muscles and skin.
After a few procedures skin becomes less oily and pores begin to shrink. The main reason of the popularity of this procedure is the perfect effect an easy usage.